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23. CARNET-ova konferencija za korisnike CUC 2021

Zbornik radova - CARNET USERS CONFERENCE 2021, Nove prilike; ISBN 978-953-6802-90-6 »
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Dobre prakse AI u obrazovanju

Today humanity is experiencing possibly the most challenges ever. Associated with these challenges we are witnessing for the first time that we are being truly challenged in our last exclusivity: we live in the times of the "smart machines". This challenge, in which we are finding it increasingly difficult to understand when we are acting in the physical world (analog) or in the digital world (silicon), leads to a profound transformation of society, the economy, among other components of our lives. It is therefore important that educational models know how to respond by helping and supporting our young people in their preparation for such an uncertain, yet challenging future. And it is through Education, of all and for all, that we will achieve that future for all in a balanced and inclusive way.

Marco Neves



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